Requirements for a Minor in Journalism

The following courses are required for the minor in Journalism:

  Semester Hours
JR 110, Introduction to Media 3
JR 115, News and Feature Writing 3
JR 152, Student Publications: Newspaper 3*
JR 225, Editorial and Current Affairs 3
JR 230, Editing and Layout 3
Select a minimum of 6 semester hours from the following courses or from any special studies courses offered.  
JR 210, Photography  
JR 220, Public Relations  
JR 310, Broadcasting  
JR 411, Magazine Article Writing  
JR 440, Internship 6
Total 21

*JR 152 is a one-credit hour class.  Students must complete at least three semesters.

Students must attain at least a 2.5 grade point average in the minor.

NOTE:  To be admitted to Journalism courses numbered 300 or higher, students must have a grade of C or better in both ENG 111 and JR 115, and they must submit a portfolio of work completed in JR 115 and/or work completed for JR 152 or a professional publication.  Students may also be admitted to 300-400 level courses with special permission from the instructor.