Sociology/Criminal Justice (2+2 Program)

         The Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology/Criminal Justice may be elected by students who have completed an associate's degree from another accredited college prior to enrolling at Averett.  The program in Sociology/Criminal Justice is designed for the student who wishes to pursue a career in criminal justice, law enforcement, or criminal law.  A student electing this option must complete the requirements listed below either through transfer credit or courses taken at Averett.  Students must have at least 60 senior college hours and at least 120 total hours in order to graduate.  The final 30 hours must be completed at Averett.

Requirements for a Major in Sociology/Criminal Justice (2+2 Program):

  Semester Hours
CRJ 387, Criminal Law 3
CRJ 440, Senior Seminar or  
CRJ 445, Internship or  
CRJ/SOC 488, Criminal Procedure 3
CRJ or SOC Electives 18
ENG 111, Introduction to Writing and Research 3
ENG 112, Introduction to Literature 3
Fine Arts (any which meet General Education requirements) 6
MTH 103, Principles of Mathematics 3
MTH 160, Introduction to Statistics 3
Religion or Philosophy Elective 3
SOC 101, Introduction to Sociology 3
SOC 470, Research Methods 3
Other electives to equal at least 60 senior college hours varies
Total 51

A Sociology or Criminal Justice Research Project is required.  This is a substantial research paper involving original research.  CRJ 440, CRJ 445, CRJ 488 or SOC 445 will meet these requirements.  Also, an independent study with guidance by a full-time department faculty member with the goal of producing an original quantitative or qualitative research paper will meet this requirement.