Secondary (6-12) and PK-12 Education

A student who anticipates teaching on the secondary Grades 6-12 or PK-12 level may elect either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree, depending upon the academic discipline selected as a major.  The degree is earned in the subject the student intends to teach.  Courses in either secondary or PK-12 education are taken in addition to the requirements of a major program.  Programs leading to professional licensure are offered in Biology (6-12), English (6-12), History and Social Science (6-12), Mathematics (6-12), Health and Physical Education (PK-12), Theatre Arts (PK-12), and Visual Arts (PK-12).  Computer Science, Drivers Education (PK-12), Journalism, and Speech may be pursued as add-on endorsements.

Persons who wish to teach in disciplines other than those listed should be aware that Averett University cannot provide the directed teaching experiences for such subjects nor is the University authorized to provide the recommendations required by the Virginia Department of Education.  Alternative routes to licensure in such instances may be discussed with the Director of Teacher Education.

Students who wish to be recommended for secondary or PK-12 teaching licensure must complete a major program in an academic discipline of the University and, in addition to that major program, must complete the following requirements:

Core Requirements for Students Seeking Secondary or PK-12 Teaching Licensure

In addition to the general education requirements, the following courses are required:

  Semester Hours
CSS 113, Microcomputers and Application Software 3
ENG 111, Introduction to Writing and Research 3
ENG 112, Introduction to Literature 3
Fine Arts to be selected from the following:  
ART 103, The Visual Arts  
ART 201, Art History: Ancient to Medieval  
ART 205, Medieval to Renaissance  
ART 305, Art History:  Baroque-Romanticism  
ART 306, Art History:  Realism to Modern  
ART 405, Non-Western Art  
MUS 103, Introduction to Music Literature  
MUS 260, Music History:  Renaissance/Baroque  
MUS 261, Music History:  Classical, Romantic, and Modern  
TH 105, Introduction to the Theatre  
TH 220, History of the Theatre I  
TH 221, History of Theatre II 6
HTH 220, Health and Fitness for the 21st Century 3
PSY 205, Developmental Psychology 3
TH 103, Introduction to Human Communication or  
TH 300, Public Speaking 3
ED 489, Directed Teaching/Seminar 3
Total 27


ED 290, Foundations of Education (Observations included) 3
ED 322, Educational Psychology (Aiding placement included) 3
ED 334, Content Area Reading and Language Development 3
*ED 474, Secondary/PK-12 Curriculum 2
*ED 406, Instruction in Secondary/PK-12 Education 3
Total 14

Additional professional course for students seeking a PK-12 license in Health and Physical Education, Theatre Arts, or Visual Arts:

*ED 378, Curriculum in Grades PK-6 2
Total 16
*Admission to Teacher Education Program required.  


*ED 478, Teaching Assistant, Secondary/PK-12 Education 1
*ED 489, Directed Teaching/Seminar in Secondary/PK-12 Education 12
Total 13

Additional field experience for students seeking a PK-12 license in Health and Physical Education, Theatre Arts, or Visual Arts:

*ED 379, Teaching Assistant in Grades PK-12 1
Total 14

*Admission to Teacher Education Program required.



Required courses in the subject area(s) of intended licensure are listed in the catalog under the specific major(s).  Any related course requirements are listed in those sections.