General Requirements

To earn the Honors distinction, approximately 20% of all coursework attempted at Averett University must carry Honors credit.

Students may enter the Honors Program at the beginning of the freshman or sophomore years or as a transfer in the junior year; however, total hours required for Honors distinction is based on the total number of hours a student takes at Averett University.  The following table outlines this policy.

Requirements for Honors Distinction

Total Averett Hours Earned Total Honors Hours Required
108 - 123 24
93 - 107  21
78 – 92 18
60 - 77 15

Students transferring with Honors credit from other institutions must complete the appropriate number of Averett University Honors hours based on the number of total hours earned while enrolled at Averett.

In addition to the total hours required, students must meet the additional requirements as listed below.

  1. Freshman Colloquium, HON 101, is required for all students except those who transfer in 60 or more credit hours.
  2. All Honors students, regardless of the total number of Honors hours earned, must complete the following Honors courses:

    HON 397, Senior Project Proposal Preparation...... 1 hour
    HON 401, Senior Honors Project...................... 3 hours
    HON 402, Senior Colloquium....................... 3-6 hours

  3. The student may earn no more than 50% of all Honors hours in the declared major.
  4. The philosophy of the Averett University Honors Program embraces far more than a sequence of coursework.  Honors students will be provided opportunities for and required to participate in a number of out-of-classroom experiences each year.

Honors Curriculum

         The Honors curriculum is composed of courses that satisfy both general education and major requirements and general elective hours.  Honors courses offered in academic departments are numbered 198, 298, 398, or 498.  Enrollment in individual Honors courses is open by permission of the instructor to other students if space is available in the class.

Sample Four Year Course Sequence

Freshman Year: Junior Year:
Honors 101, Introduction to Honors (second semester) Honors Electives or Honors courses in major (first semester)
  Honors 301, Junior Colloquium
  Honors Electives or
  Honors courses in major (second semester)
  Honors 397, Senior Project Proposal Preparation (second semester)
Sophomore Year: Senior Year:
Honors Electives from approved offerings (first semester) Honors Electives and/or Senior Honors Project (first semester)
Honors 201, Sophomore Colloquium Honors 401, Senior Honors Project and/or
  Honors 402, Senior Colloquium (second semester)