In order to benefit from a total immersion experience in language and culture/s, students are required to live with a local family in a country where the students’ primary language is the official language. Students will simultaneously enroll in an approved study abroad program consisting of a minimum of 6 semester hours for summer programs and 12 semester hours for semester programs. Students must pass all courses taken at the foreign university with a grade of C or better. The faculty of the Modern Languages department will work with students to locate approved study abroad programs, and will make the final determination of the amount of credit earned and transferred to Averett. If unusual circumstances prevent fulfillment of this requirement, a departmentally approved program or internship within the United States that would place the student in an immersion situation, both linguistically and culturally, will be considered as an alternative to study abroad.

Financial support for study abroad is available to qualified students through the Barksdale Scholarship. Please refer to the section on Scholarships, page 231, for details of this award.

Please refer to the catalog section on French for a listing and descriptions of French classes and related information, and to the section on Spanish for a listing and descriptions of Spanish classes and related information. In addition to the courses listed there, students who choose to major in Modern Languages will take two other advanced classes; these are French or Spanish 399, Advanced Language Study Abroad, and French or Spanish 420, Senior Seminar.