Concentration in Nursing: Entry-into-practice

For the entry-into-practice concentration, a student spends two and a half years of full-time study taking the core curriculum, and begins with nursing coursework beginning the last part of the sophomore year. A graduate of the concentration will be awarded the BSN degree upon completion of nursing and non-nursing courses for the program. The concentration will appeal to a student who is seeking a more traditional college experience.

The following general education and nursing courses are required:

  Semester Hours
BIO 101, Introduction to Biology 4
BIO 204, Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
BIO 205, Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
BIO 301, Microbiology 4
BIO 303, Human Pathology/Medical Terminology 4
BIO 313, Pharmacology 4
CH 103, Chemistry for the Life Sciences 4
MTH 103, Principles of Mathematics or higher based on Math placement test 3
MTH 160, Statistics 3
PHL 210, Ethics 3
PSY 110, Psychology as a Social Science or 3
PSY 120, Psychology as a Natural Science 4
PSY 205, Developmental Psychology 3
IDS 101, Student Success Seminar 1
SOC 101, Introduction to Sociology 3
ENG 111, Introduction to Writing and Research 3
ENG 112, Introduction to Literature 3
ENG 2XX, A English course 200+ literature (will also meet a fine arts requirement)  3
CRJ, Culture, ECO, HIS, Language, or POS for Society requirement 3
ART, LIT, MUS, or TH, 3
NUR 207, Basics of Nursing: Principles, Concepts and Application 4
NUR 208, Basics of Nursing: Skills 1
NUR 313, Health Assessment 3
NUR 314, Nursing Care of the Adult and Family I 5
NUR 315, Intermediate Nursing Skills 1
NUR 316, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 4
NUR 317,, Nursing Care of the Woman and Family 4
NUR 318, Nursing Issues and Trends 3
NUR 319, Nursing Care of the Adult and Family II 5
NUR 415, Nursing Research 3
NUR 416, Nursing Care of the Child and Family 4
NUR 417, Nursing Leadership 3
NUR 418, Nursing Care of the Adult and Family II 5
NUR 419, Nursing Informatics and Healthcare Technologies 2
NUR 420, Population Focused Nursing Care 5
NUR 421, Professional Nursing Role Enhancement 5
NUR XXX, Nursing Elective 3