Concentration in Nursing: RN to BSN

The second concentration, RN to BSN, is designed for a Registered Nurse (RN) with an active, unencumbered United States registered nursing license with two years of RN employment experience to advance his or her education level through the attainment of a BSN degree. The concentration is designed to meet the needs of the working RN seeking to attend classes after completing all general education and prescribed non-nursing courses in a sequential manner. The concentration has theoretical and clinical components to allow the student to gain baccalaureate nursing experience and advanced leadership skills for the emerging and expanding roles within the healthcare domain.

Nursing courses met with a RN license include: Semester Hours
NUR 207, Basics of Nursing Principles  
NUR 208, Basics of Nursing Skills  
NUR 314, Nursing Care Adult and Family I  
NUR 315, Intermediate Skills  
NUR 316, Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing  
NUR 317, Nursing Care of Women and Family  
NUR 319, Nursing Care Adult and Family II  
NUR 416, Nursing Care Child and Family  
NUR 418, Nursing Care Adult and Family III  
The following nursing courses are required for the BSN degree:  
NUR 313, Health Assessment 3
NUR 318, Nursing Issues and Trends 3
NUR 415, Nursing Research 3
NUR 417, Nursing Leadership 3
NUR 419, Nursing Informatics and Healthcare Technologies 2
NUR 420, Population Focused Nursing Care 5
NUR 421, Professional Nursing Role Enhancement 5
NUR XXX, Elective  3