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Faculty/Staff Expertise Database

Members of the Media: Averett faculty and staff are valuable resources for you. Search this guide and contact the Office of Public Relations to arrange an interview.





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Quality Faculty, 62 members strong

Leaders in Their Fields: 45 Averett faculty members have doctorate or specialized degrees

Experienced Educators: 26% have worked at the University for 15 - 26 years; 21% have worked at the University for 27 + years

Published Authors:Averett faculty have authored 20 books and more than 40 journal articles. Included in their publications is a Pulitzer Prize nominated biography, various textbooks and popular novels.

Real World Experience: Among Averett's faculty are business executives, entrepreneurs, accountants, authors, artists, musicians and scientists. They bring their real world experience into the classroom.

Strengthening our Community: 75% of Averett's faculty are involved the community serving more than 44 volunteer and professional organizations.