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What about Averett Academics?

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At Averett, our educational philosophy is pretty simple: prepare our students for a lifetime of success. Our students receive the skills and knowledge to get that first job or enter graduate school, and they develop the habits of the mind that will allow them to adapt to a constantly changing world.

We combine the liberal arts with professional education. Experts agree that, regardless of one's job, a person must be able to analyze information, think critically, communicate effectively, work in teams, and adapt to new conditions-the very skills provided by a liberal arts education. In addition, one must have the ability to apply specialized information-the skills provided by an academic major.

In addition, we believe our students are capable of much; therefore, we expect much, while providing personal attention to ensure success. Every member of the faculty is committed to student success and devotes much time to working with students to help them achieve our high standards.