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Some of the courses you can expect to take as an art major may include:

  • Three-Dimensional Design
  • Art History: Ancient to Medieval
  • Painting
  • General Crafts
  • Sculpture
  • Pottery
  • Computer Art

What could I do with this major?

Students who major in art are prepared for continued study in graduate school as well as careers in community arts organizations, galleries or commercial art. Those who pursue an art degree with teaching certification are prepared to teach in the public or private sector.


What are recent graduates of this major doing?

"Choosing the right university for an art major can be a challenge. Averett sits under the radar of the art world in general, but this has some advantages for aspiring artists. At Averett, you have a small number of students per class, offering you the opportunity to build relationships with a very supportive, knowledgeable and experienced faculty. You have unlimited access to the studio and ample time to experiment while at Averett, so take advantage of the situation.
"As artists, you are expected to be bright — so spend time at Blount Library and study artists' statements, art history, art theory, the art magazines and current websites such as Serious research is important so that you really know and understand what it is you are doing as an artist and why you are doing it. Averett and its faculty give you the tools you need to support these."
Shawn Everett Jones '02

Michelle Bloomer '11 received a master of education degree with a concentration in art. She is a teacher in the public schools.

Marissa Angel '10 received a degree in art and a minor in equestrian studies. She works in studio arts producing large scale figure drawings and is attending graduate school.

Sara Camburides '09
graduated with a degree in art with teaching certification. She teaches art at OT Bonner Middle School in Danville.


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