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Mission Statement:The Athletic Training Program at Averett University will prepare undergraduate students for successful and rewarding careers in the field of athletic training. Averett University is dedicated to providing the student with challenging educational experiences that emphasize both a sound academic and clinical foundation in all aspects of the athletic training curriculum. Our goal will always be to prepare our students for the NATA-BOC Examination and to produce well-rounded individuals who possess the knowledge and problem-solving clinical and interpersonal skills needed for entry-level careers in the modern athletic training environment. 

Goals and Objectives

  • To produce well-rounded individuals who possess the skills to become successful in the field of athletic training
  • Have students successfully complete the NATA-BOC examination
  • Place graduating students in a professional or graduate position where they can continue to grow and prosper
  • Have the students to begin applying their knowledge in clinical situations early in their education
  • Focus on teaching problem-solving skills by providing a critical thinking learning environment.
  • To provide a variety of learning environments to allow the students to have experiences in many different clinical situations
  • Continue to enhance the athletic training program by staying up to date with the latest changes in athletic training education and the profession in general
  • Continue to increase the number of quality athletic training students in the Averett University athletic training program
  • Become a leading accredited athletic training program by producing quality athletic training professionals

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