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Coursework and Concentrations

Concentration in Accounting Concentration in Management Science Concentration in Marketing Management

The coursework taken depends on the concentration that is being pursued. However, in addition to the courses for their degree program, all students will have to complete the general education courses required by the University.

To be eligible for graduation, all business seniors are required to take the Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT) in business.

The top 20 percent of seniors in the department may be inducted into the academic honors fraternity Sigma Beta Delta.

Concentration in Accounting

The accounting concentration provides students with a thorough background in the concepts, principles and applications of accounting, taxation and auditing through personal academic instruction combined with practical real-world examples in the classroom. The accounting concentration is designed for students who are not interested in achieving licensure in public accounting but prepares them to be professional accountants in industry, government, public practice or attend graduate school. Students concentrating in accounting take courses that provide both technical instruction and a managerial perspective relevant to a career in accounting.

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Concentration in Management Science

The management science concentration gives students a thorough background in the concepts and practice of management through personal instruction combined with real world examples. The concentration prepares graduates for careers in management profit seeking or nonprofit organization and provides a strong foundation for future graduate study in business as well. Methods of instruction vary from lecture and drill in basic principles, to in-class simulations of complex management situations to case studies.

The curriculum provides students with skills in communication, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving leading to management careers in any organization. Students also learn management skills of planning, coordinating, directing, motivating and controlling, which are essential for achieving organization goals.

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Concentration in Marketing Management

The concentration in marketing management is designed to prepare students for successful careers in marketing fields, such as buying, selling, advertising, product management, public relations, logistics, market analysis and marketing research. It also provides a strong foundation for future graduate study in marketing and related fields. The curriculum includes not-for-profit, governmental and international applications of marketing knowledge.

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