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Tucker Dr. Gary Tucker

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science; Global Information Assurance Certified (GIAC) Incident Handler (computer security)
Office: Main Hall
Phone: 434-791-5709

America landed a man on the moon and created "Star Trek." Those two things were more than enough to get Dr. Gary Tucker interested in science when he was just a boy.

He went to K-Mart when he was in middle school, and he found chemistry books for $1. He bought and devoured those. Then he found they had books on mathematics and calculus. Completed both of them. When he got to high school, he took a geometry class. Guess what book he found at home yes, geometry. Click for full Bio


Lemery Steve Lemery

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Office: Frith Hall 424
Phone: 434-791-5724

"I know I'm a geek,” says Professor Steve Lemery, but he can't help it. It began with a pencil in the fifth grade. "When I was in elementary school, I won a pencil prize for reciting prime numbers up to 100. I've been a math geek ever since."

He also realizes that people like him (yes, "geeks") often prefer to be on their own, and he helps get his students past that. "I have my students work in small groups, specifically to avoid falling into the natural isolation tendency of the discipline. I have them go to the board often to explain things, basically making informal presentations. Eventually, some do honors presentations in math." Click for full Bio



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