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Dr. Rebecca Clark

Professor of Sociology
Office: Frith Hall 317
Phone: 434-791-5762

"That's my elephant," says Dr. Rebecca Clark, proudly gesturing to a photo of an admittedly handsome animal framed and hanging on her office wall.

She was traveling with Averett students and other faculty members in East Africa at the time, studying aspects of several disciplines including learning firsthand about the culture of a Maasai tribe and the jaw-dropping memories still make her smile especially that one elephant that almost got a little too close. In fact, she's returning in a few months, taking other students on a similar trip. Click for full Bio



Dr. Laura Hartman

Professor of Sociology
Office: Frith Hall 414
Phone: 434-791-5756

Several of Dr. Laura Hartman's sociology students have been in prison, and she drove them there. Literally drove them, for a field trip.

"The staff members do a great job with our tours," she says enthusiastically. "It's not a
'Scared Straight' approach, where the prisoners are out to scare kids into the straight life. In these visits, the talk is informative for the students."
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Dr. Steven Wray

Professor of Sociology/Criminal Justice
Office: Frith Hall 311
Phone: 434-791-5769

Dr. Steven Wray can't help you learn to fire weapons, but if you're interested in working in law enforcement, he's your man for the other training you need. "If you graduate from our program with a B or C average," he says, "you'll be scoring right at the top of the entrance tests that police academies give. Written tests, not shooting."

The best part is, even though the first course in criminal justice is a junior-level offering, Wray offers a Crime Scene Investigation class to freshmen.
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