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Dr. Pam Riedel

Department of Education, Chair; Director of Graduate Studies in Education; Professor of Education
Office: Frith Hall 428
Phone: 434-791-5744

“Students don’t stay at Averett University,” says Dr. Pamela Riedel, “for the same reason they first come here. They enroll for all kinds of reasons — they like the campus, they see a lot of opportunities, they like the athletics, etc. — but they stay because they learn that with the help of their faculty members, they can succeed.”

Riedel says that the bonds formed between Averett faculty and students are critical to the Averett experience: “We set our expectations high, and then we help our students meet and exceed those expectations. We enable our students; we work with them very personally and we watch them grow. That’s the kind of relationship this university is known for, and it is very rewarding to all of us.” Click for full Bio



Dr. George Odongo

Assistant Professor of Special Education
Office: Danville Hall 102B 
Phone: 434-791-7229

“Yes, I am from Kenya and yes, I am thin,” says Dr. George Odongo with a laugh, “but I am not a track star.”

He used to say that a lot, he explains, when he was working on the doctorate in special education at Texas Tech University, where there is a large contingent of gifted runners from Kenya. Click for full Bio



Dr. Aimee Brenner

Assistant Professor of Education
Office: Danville Hall 108B 
Phone: 434-791-5048

From her first days in college, Dr. Aimee M. Brenner knew the importance of good teachers, knew that she wanted to be one. And now? “With all of the issues and challenges that swallow some of the kids today, I feel that creating effective teachers is even more important than ever.”

She says that teaching in Averett’s Education Department gives her a chance to see that education students who truly feel a passion for teaching can become the best they can be. Part of that involves using emerging technologies, a specialty of hers: “Among the tools I want to give them are methods of integrating technology into their classrooms.” Click for full Bio