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Donating a Horse to Averett

The Averett University Equestrian Department is privileged to have a wonderful group of horses, all on loan or generously donated to the University. The program requires a variety of types of horses with varying levels of experience/training. In addition, we accept donations of tack, blankets and equipment. These are all tax deductible just as horse donations are.

Donation Process

1. Contact the Chair of the Department at or by calling 434-791-5642. We begin by gathering pertinent information about your horse and determine initial suitability and availability of space.

2. The Equestrian Department Faculty, Staff and a committee made up of University administrators will review your application and video (if provided), and a member of the staff will contact you regarding your donation.

3. Each donation is asked to come in for at least a 30-day trial period. Should the horse not work out, shipping to and from the college will be at the owner's expense. The trial period is to assess if your horse will work in our program. We ask for the 30 days, so the horse has time to settle in and so that we can base our decision on your horse over time. Prior to your horse coming in on trial, we will send you a Lease Agreement. This will need to be signed and sent in before the horse's arrival, along with:

1. A complete vaccination and worming record of the horse.

2. Hay, feed, and supplement instructions.

3. Coggins test within one year.

4. After the horse finishes the 30-day trial period, we will, at our expense, have a pre-purchase exam done on the horse.


Once Your Horse Has Been Accepted

We will send you a donor letter to complete and send back to the Department. If you decide to value the horse at more than $5,000 we request an appraisal be done on the horse. This is for your benefit when claiming the deduction. The appraisal should be sent to the department along with the donor letter. Once these forms are in, along with our prepurchase exam, the development office will send you an IRS Form 82863 to file with your taxes.


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