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Equipment List

As you begin your transition from horse enthusiast to equine professional, it becomes necessary to begin assembling your own personal equipment. This equipment will assist you while a student at AU, but will also be the tools of the trade you will need when working in the industry. The program does have equipment for students to use, however, as you progress, the expectation is for you to be building your collection of equipment. The required equipment is broken down into two sections - what is required for freshmen year and for sophomore year. If you already own some or all of this equipment, congratulations, you are ahead of the game!

Required Freshmen Year

Hair net
Tall riding boots, preferably leather
Breeches and belt
Approved helmet - ASTM/SEI
Suitable shirts, jackets or sweaters (Please no tank tops.)
Show jacket
Cross-country vest


Riding Equipment:

Polo wraps
Whips - both long (dressage) and short (jumping)
Front and rear set of Gallop (protective) boots


Grooming Kit

Hoof pick
Curry comb
Stiff brush
Soft brush
Rub rag
Pulling comb
Sweat scraper
Terry cloth towel
Livestock veterinary thermometer
Clippers (for trimming), small battery operated ones are okay

Braiding Kit

Large hair clip
Small scissors
Pull through
Seam ripper
Yarn (black, white or chestnut brown)
Braiding rubber bands
Quic braid (optional)

Student should bring one footlocker with a combination lock. It is recommended that students bring a small knapsack, caddy or bucket for grooming equipment.

NOTE: The equestrian studies department will not be responsible for lost or stolen equipment so mark your belongings and keep your trunk locked.

If you have any questions, please call the equestrian studies department:

Ginger Henderson 434-791-5642



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