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Meet our Horses

We have 40 of the best teachers you will ever meet! Here are just a few.


Name: Affirmation
Age: 16yrs.
Breed: Oldenburg

What they do: “Gracie” is generously loaned to the program by Kelly Farmer. She is the world’s best lunge horse.

Before coming to Averett Gracie competed through Fourth level dressage. She earned her owner, Kelly Farmer her bronze medal. Farmer boarded Gracie and her young PRE gelding Diaz, at a stable outside of Lynchburg. Gracie was born in March of 1996 by Pati Pierucci at River's Bend Farm. She is by Danish stallion Aslan, who was champion stallion at Dressage at Lexington in 1993. She was ridden as a three year old under saddle at Devon. 

Name: Etude
Age: 14yrs.
Breed: Swedish Warmblood

What they do: “Junior” came to us with an extensive background in jumping, however loves his new career as a Dressage competition horse.

Junior was donated as an 11 year old in the Fall of 2011. His sire was two time olympic competitor, Amiral. Previous owner Kristin Downs, showed him through 3rd level Dressage and then thought he would be best suited as a jumper. Downs had previously donated a department favorite, "Do Tell." In looking for a forever home for Junior she felt Averett was a wonderful choice. 


Name: Camelot
Age: 10yrs.
Breed: Hungarian Warmblood

What they do: “Cam” was generously donated to our program in 2012 by Neila Tullar. He has been quickly become a favorite among the students.

Cam was bred by Barbara Barrell, owner of Mecham's View Farm. Cam is by Port Friedolin JC out of a Daumier mare. He was born on April 22, 2001. Cam was sold as 2 year old to Nicolette Kollar as a hunter prospect. He was then sold to Neila Tullar in 2006 a lovely adult amateur mount. Tullar provided Cam with a great home on her family farm in Gibsonville, NC. 



Name: Francie 
Age: 14 yrs.
Breed: Oldenburg X

What they do: Francie’s sweet disposition makes her suitable for any class. She is a joy to ride.

Prior to finding her forever home at Averett in the Fall of 2010, she was a successful lower level event horse. She was donated by owner Elizabeth Johns based in Woodville, VA.

Name: Fresca PFC
Age: 14yrs.
Breed: Oldenburg

What they do: “Fresca” teaches all of our students to properly use their core. Her trademark is her beautiful, long, flowing forelock.

Fresca was bred by Diane Isenhour of Cresent Farm in Hillsborough, NC. She was born in March of 2004. Fresca is by Freestyle (Florestan X Paloma) out of a Johanniter mare. She was started as a Dressage horse and shown through first level, and donated when she was 7 years old.


Name: General Washington
Age: 16yrs.
Breed: Canadian Warmblood

What they do: “Jorge” is warmly known as “Mr. Perfect.” He is a department favorite because of his kind nature and versatility.

Jorge was imported from Canada in 2003 by Cricket Morris as an Equitation prospect. He was shown and fox hunted by Morris in VA. He then was leased to a young rider from Massachusetts where he enjoyed a successful show career before coming to Averett in the January of 2012. 



Name: Gogo Express
Age: 18 yrs.
Breed: Thoroughbred

What they do: “Gogo” is wonderful school horse, mainly in our horse mastership classes.

Gogo was donated as a 13 year old in June of 2009. With her previous owner, Anne Mauldin she was competed through training level Eventing.

Name: Life Goes On
Age: 15yrs.         
Breed: American Warmblood X

What they do: “Addy” is the perfect competition horse as she prefers is her one student per semester.

Addy started her career as a jumper prospect in Charlottesville, VA with Krysia Nelson. She is by Freedom Z out of a Lucky Boy mare. Her dam won the Amateur Jumper Classic in Upperville, VA.



Name: Lovis Corinth
Age: 15 yrs.
Breed: Oldenburg

What they do: “Lovis” is mainly used as a Dressage competition horse, although he enjoys the occasional school over fences and hacks in the fields.

Lovis was imported from Holland in 2006 by Dr. Csaba Magassy of Centurion Farm in Poolsville, MD as a jumper. He is by Landor S out of Janett II and breed by Paul Rhode in Lindern, NED.



Name: Ollie
Age: 12 yrs.
Breed: Oldenburg

What they do: Ollie was breed and born at Averett University. He has been completely trained by Averett students. He almost always brings home a blue from every IDA show.

Ollie was bred and foaled at Averett University in 1999 as part of the breeding program. He was started in the Young Horse class and continued his training by Averett students. He spent a summer with Cindy Sydnor of Braeburn Farms and a summer with Bailey Cook with Averett students as they were completing their internships.

Name: Seaborne’s Flagship
Age: 22yrs.
Breed: Connemara

What they do: “Captain” in generously loaned to the program by the Pingree Family of Hamilton, MA. Captain teaches all of our more timid students that jumping can be fun and safe.

Captain was bred by Denise Hill of Seabourne Connemaras in Raleigh, NC. He is by Grange Finn Sparrow out of Hideaway-Greystone Covergirl. Captain spent his earlier days Eventing with the Pingree sisters. He carried Lexy, an Averett alumnus, and her older sister Carrie to their first CIC*.



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