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Emphasis Areas:

  • Mathematics: Traditional Mathematics - traditional course of study with emphasis on both theory and applications. The program requires students to master the techniques of mathematics, apply these techniques to real problems and understand the underlying theory. This major is an excellent choice for those planning to attend graduate school in a variety of areas, wishing to develop their abilities in logic, wanting to expand their horizons by way of mathematics or using mathematics as a companion area for another major.
  • Mathematics: Decision Science - an interdisciplinary program for students with a combines interest in mathematics and the quantitative areas of business. This is an excellent choice for students interested in quantitative reasoning in the public or private sector, or attending graduate school in areas such as operations research, business, statistics, financial mathematics and mathematics.
  • Mathematics: Teaching Licensure in Grades 6 – 12 - designed for students planning to teach mathematics at the secondary level or attend graduate school. A student who has graduated from Averett's mathematics with teacher licensure program and is certified to teach in the state of Virginia may transfer that licensure to 38 states and the District of Columbia.
A minor in mathematics is available. Students are encouraged (but not required) to select an option of either a major or minor in another field, or additional study in related areas. In particular, a major or minor in computer science is an excellent area for applications of mathematics. Students also have the opportunity to earn a master of education degree with a concentration in mathematics if they so choose.


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