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Dr. Donald T. Ethington:

Chair, Department of Mathematics; Professor of Mathematics
Office: Danville Hall 105 B
Phone: 434-791-5725

Dr. Ethington enjoys the brilliant, beautiful, and challenging ideas one encounters in mathematics on a daily basis and he enjoys working with the many wonderful students at Averett, helping them mature into young mathematicians who are able to learn on their own by the time they graduate. He believes that one learns mathematics by doing mathematics on a regular basis. He gives students ample opportunity to show what they know. Click for full Bio





Steve Lemery

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science
Office: Frith Hall 424
Phone: 434-791-5724

"I know I'm a geek,” says Professor Steve Lemery, but he can't help it. It began with a pencil in the fifth grade. "When I was in elementary school, I won a pencil prize for reciting prime numbers up to 100. I've been a math geek ever since."

He also realizes that people like him (yes, "geeks") often prefer to be on their own, and he helps get his students past that. "I have my students work in small groups, specifically to avoid falling into the natural isolation tendency of the discipline. I have them go to the board often to explain things, basically making informal presentations. Eventually, some do honors presentations in math." Click for full Bio




Susan E. Osborne

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Office: Davenport 105B 
Phone: 434-791-5708

Mrs. Osborne is always seeking new tools for her toolbox. Not hammers, pliers and other physical tools, but mathematical principles and concepts. These tools are problem solving tools that can be applied in businesses and industries of all types. What can these mathematical tools do?  They can allow a superstore to set lower prices than any other store, determine the best possible location for a new fire station, or design a box that holds a specific volume but uses the least material.  They can schedule workers for a set of tasks, determine the best design for waiting lines in a bank, improve the quality of products through quality control and much more. Click for full Bio


Stephen Davidson

Instructor, Mathematics
Office: Frith Hall 416
Phone: 434-791-7243

“Own yourself.”

That is the mantra that Stephen Davidson lives by. He lived by it as a child who proudly wore wrestling and comic book t-shirts to school. He lives by it as an adult who proudly wears wrestling and comic book t-shirts to holiday dinners. And he wants to pass along that message to anyone else who will listen. And if teaching math is the conduit for that message, then he gets to work with math – which he loves – and he gets to make a difference, at the same time. That’s his goal.

What does it mean to “own yourself”? On the surface, it seems simple: don’t be ashamed of who you are. Even better, don’t be afraid of who you are. Others don’t matter. Only you matter. So, be yourself totally and completely. So, yes, this naturally includes expressing oneself honestly. It includes not hiding oneself for fear of others’ reactions. But it also includes not hiding from oneself out of fear or apathy. Don’t hold yourself back and don’t make excuses to do so. Anything can be justified except for fear-based justifications.

Stephen knows that not everyone loves math. He knows that not every student who walks into his classroom is going to use it on a daily basis, once the class has ended. Very few will, to be honest. And his response to this is, “So what?” That’s a justification. It’s an excuse to hide from oneself because of a fear of the material. Nobody would voice dissent towards learning something if they truly believed they were capable of learning it. And he’s here to tell you to quit hiding, because capable you are.

All he asks is to be trusted. To be listened to. Success will not always come quickly. But, with trust and hard work, it will come for anyone who wants it. But it’s important to not only trust him, but to trust yourself, as well. “Own yourself.” You might be surprised by what follows.




Dr. Gary Tucker

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science; Global Information Assurance Certified (GIAC) Incident Handler (computer security)
Office: Main Hall
Phone: 434-791-5709

America landed a man on the moon and created "Star Trek." Those two things were more than enough to get Dr. Gary Tucker interested in science when he was just a boy.

He went to K-Mart when he was in middle school, and he found chemistry books for $1. He bought and devoured those. Then he found they had books on mathematics and calculus. Completed both of them. When he got to high school, he took a geometry class. Guess what book he found at home — yes, geometry. Click for full Bio