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Placement Exam
All students with two or more years of high school credit, or transfer students with college credit who intend to continue their study of language at Averett must take the placement exam. The placement exam ensures that students are placed in the proper class to match their skill level.

Students who wish to study French or Spanish for the first time are not required to take the placement exam.

The coursework taken depends on the language that is being pursued. However, in addition to the courses for their degree program, all students will have to complete the general education courses required by the University.

Special Projects and Study Abroad
Students have conducted various independent studies including special studies of Mexican elections and the Spanish speaking population of Danville/Pittsylvania County. They have also worked as tutors for Spanish speaking students in the local schools and have helped teachers and parents communicate through translating and interpreting.

Study abroad in a student's primary language of study is an integral part of the modern languages major. Students have the opportunity to study abroad either in the summer or during an academic semester. International study classes led by faculty have been offered in Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru and France.

What could I do with this major?
Graduates can teach in public or private schools, work in law enforcement, find work as a translator or interpreter or pursue graduate studies in modern languages and literatures, international relations or translation and interpretation studies.

Graduates have pursued advance degrees at:
Duke University
Virginia Tech
North Carolina State University
University of North Carolina at Greensboro

What our recent graduates have to say:
"I've studied French for 11 years, and I'm extremely interested in French culture. During high school, I participated in a Rotary Exchange Program which allowed me to go to France. I would like to use French in my future jobs and am interested in studying and working in a French-speaking country." Niina Marttila '10, is from Finland. She graduated with a degree in business administration: management science and a minor in French.

"My experiences have made me culturally aware of not only the Spanish language, but all Spanish-speaking peoples. Thus far in my career I have been able to translate a company website into Spanish in order to communicate more effectively with customers. I hope having knowledge of a foreign language will provide me greater opportunities for career advancement." Meredith Schwane '09, bachelor of arts in elementary education with a minor in Spanish
Meredith holds a master's degree in international relations from Nottingham University in England.


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