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Dr. Lee Burton

Athletic Training Program Director and Associate Professor of Physical
Office: North Campus Training 108
Phone: 434-791-5821

Dr. Lee Burton has a low threshold of boredom, and it shows. He's always seeking and ready for the next challenge.

"I grew up on a farm," he says, "and I was always active, either outside working or playing sports. I never was one for just sitting around." Click for full Bio




Dr. Richard Ferguson

Professor of physical education/sport psychology & chair of the department
Office: Grant Ctr 111
Phone: 434-791-5736

“That dude is OLD,” says a 19-year-old Averett University student-athlete, “but he’s still running and still a champ. He’s awesome.”

Some might disagree with the “old” assessment, but everyone knows that Dr. Richard Ferguson is definitely an international running star. He writes articles for running journals, he studies the sport scientifically, and most of all he runs. And runs. Click for full Bio



Barbara Kushubar

Associate professor of physical education, wellness and sport science
Office: Grant Ctr 112
Phone: 434-791-5687

Kushubar brings more than 24 years of experience that includes teaching, coaching and sport administration, into the classroom. She provides students with not just a theoretical approach to subjects like sport management, sport administration and sport law but draws on her years of experience as a successful coach and tournament organizer to bring these subjects to life. Students benefit from her practical advice and draw on examples from her own personal experiences. In her introduction to athletic training class, students gain hands-on experience by completing training hours as early as their freshman year. Gerontology students learn from trips to local care facilities and interact with professionals working in the field. Click for full Bio




Dr. Michelle Hsiu-Chen Liu

Assistant professor of physical education teacher education
Office: Grant Ctr 104
Phone: 434-791-5759

The warm and charming scholar-professor Dr. Michelle Liu is also scary. If you see her fast-pitch a softball, you probably will not have the courage to stand in front of her if a softball is within her reach. Liu held the national fast-pitch softball championship title for all of Taiwan (the Republic of China), for seven consecutive years.

She was always athletic on a very competitive scale, even as a child. She was a gymnast from the 3rd to the 6th grade, traveling to another city for competitions. Then she moved on to track and field she was particularly good in the long jump and softball. Click for full Bio



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