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Averett's Psychology major

Are you people-oriented? Curious about human behavior and how the mind works? Ever wonder about the relationship between the mind and body, or if the world is really the way we think it is? Interested in learning more about yourself and others? Then the Psychology major at Averett is for you!

As a science, Psychology studies human behavior and mental processes, and psychologists employ theory and research in an effort to understand behavior. At Averett, the Psychology program offers students a broad background in different aspects of the discipline, and through several specific areas of concentration, students can specialize in one or more area(s) of greatest interest.

Whatever a student’s career objectives may be, a major (or a minor) in Psychology can help prepare you for graduate study in the field. The proficiencies you will develop while studying Psychology will also prepare you for a variety of interesting and rewarding jobs where having an understanding of human behavior and motivation, theories of personality, and skills in observation, analysis, and interpersonal communication, is essential for success.

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