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Dr. Anna Hatten

Professor of Psychology; Chair, Department of Psychology
Office: Frith Hall
Phone: 434-791-5743

"I was a lazy student," admits Dr. Anna Hatten. "I remember in the seventh grade, the science teacher had to keep me after school. I loved the science, but I wouldn't write answers to the homework questions. Lazy."

Things changed, finally, when she went to college. "When I was in undergraduate school, I got with some friends who were interested in psychology, and the chair of the department was very charismatic. I fell in love with psychology then. After all, psychology is how you understand human behavior." Click for full Bio

JHatten Dr. Jean Hatten

Professor of Psychology
Office: Frith Hall
Phone: 434-791-5748

At the latest Averett Homecoming event, one recent graduate went up to Dr. Jean Hatten and said: "You know, I'm really glad you made me learn all that spreadsheet stuff [the former student's word, not Dr. Hatten's] — it’s been very helpful in my job."

Hatten has found that the analytical skills his psychology students acquire, as well as specific spreadsheet skills — are, indeed, helpful to all of his students, regardless of what they do immediately following graduation. Click for full Bio


Dr. David Rosenberg

Professor of Psychology, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Office: Frith Hall 313
Phone: 434-791-5768

All it takes is a moment — simply watch Dr. David Rosenberg walk across campus, notice how often he's stopped by a variety of students, observe how he interacts with them all personally, sincerely … obviously interested in their concerns. That's all it takes to know that Rosenberg is a born teacher.

A natural teacher who was born, interestingly enough, in Mexico City. "On occasion I'll speak Spanish with my mother," he says, "but I don't have a strong command of the language so I don't feel like I'm truly bilingual. I was also raised in northern Virginia." Click for full Bio


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