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Justine in Ireland

This is a series of emails from AU student Justine Cherochak who is studying abroad at University of Limerick this spring semester.

Justine in Ireland (1)

I've been having the time of my life here! I'm so happy that I've gotten the opportunity to come to Ireland. I still get to keep up with my studies while getting a first hand, in depth experience of the culture and I'm enjoying traveling around Ireland and the rest of Europe on weekends and during breaks. Coming here was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

The classes here really aren't hard at all. They understand that the international students aren't just here for school, but for the culture and traveling as well. I only have homework once a week for my Macroeconomics class and the other courses are graded using only midterms, final exams, and papers. There aren't any quizzes or tests for most of the classes. The campus is really nice too! It takes me 15 minutes to walk from one side to the other which has definitely been different than Averett. Kilmurry Village actually has one of the better locations for housing as well. The house wasn't as nice as they had made it look in the pamphlet but my housemates and I have made it cozier by buying things to make it feel more like a home than a dorm.

I've made a lot of friends here, both international and Irish so I'm pleased with that. It helps too that some of the Irish students have cars so we don't always have to walk or take a bus someplace. It took me awhile to get used to being a pedestrian because they drive on the opposite side of the road and on the other side of the car so I've gotten used to looking right and then left before I cross the street instead of left and then right. I think I'm going to be a little confused when I come back to the USA and I am driving again! I've joined two clubs on campus, the International Society and the Kayak Club. The way the clubs and societies are run here has given me a few ideas for Averett and how to get students more involved and maybe even to attract more students to the campus.


Justine in Ireland (2)

As far as where I've been so far, I have traveled all around Limerick and Castletroy, Adare, Galway, the Cliffs of Moher, the Burren, Connemara, Dublin, Belfast, the Wicklow Mountains, Glengalough, Kilkenny, Drogheda, Cork, and Kinsale (all of these are in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland). I'm headed to London this weekend, Sligo the weekend after with the Kayak Club (Ireland), then back to Dublin for St. Patrick's Day, then I'm going to Paris and when I get back that Sunday night RAG week starts here which is a huge charity event that all Universities have here. That next weekend will be our spring break and I'm headed to Spain, Morocco, and Portugal!!! It will be April by this time and I'll be going to the Aran Islands and Killarney (both in Ireland) with the International Society. This leaves study break week free for traveling and one weekend free.

I'm planning on going to Poland during the free weekend and for study break maybe Italy, and possibly Greece as well. Today or tomorrow I should be booking a flight to Helsinki and from there I'll be taking the ferry to Stockholm. I'll be staying with some Averett students in Finland and I'll be staying with Tiffany Hoffman in Sweden. After that I should be coming home!  Life is so exciting right now if you can't tell!! Hope all is well in Danville and I'm looking forward to seeing a new link on Averett's main page about Ireland! I'll be in touch again sometime in the near future!


Justine in Ireland (3)

I did go to London this past weekend and it was amazing! Got to see all the typical things like Big Ben, the Tower Bridge, etc so I was really pleased. I won't be going to Sligo with the Kayaking Club this weekend seeing as I need to write some papers plus I'm getting over being ill so I'm looking forward to resting. I decided to go to Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic during reading week so every weekend from now until exams start in May I have something planned. I won't have time to make it to Italy or Greece which is a little upsetting but I'm VERY happy with the many places I do have an opportunity to visit! I will be back in the USA May 28th too!



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