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"Studying abroad has honestly been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Having the ability to experience the history and culture of such wonderful places as England and France gave me a chance to ascend the Eiffel Tower, visit Notre Dame Cathedral, stand at Point Zero, see where Joan of Arc was burnt at the stake in Rouen, take a tour of the ancient Roman Baths that are still standing, tour London right before the 2012 Olympic games, walk the Lake District and visit Dove Cottage where William Wordsworth was inspired to write his beautiful poetry, be amazed by the beauty of Monet's gardens and visit his grave site, and experience centuries of rich European history as a whole! I cherish those memories with some great classmates and awesome professors! I highly recommend any and all opportunities one has in college to study abroad. Through multiple classes and programs at Averett University, I have visited 10 different European countries and spent time each summer at new cities, taking in the sights, sounds, cuisine, and culture of Hungary, Austria, Germany, France, England, Slovakia, Finland, Poland, Denmark, and the Czech Republic."

Owen Hayden, History major, Class of 2013

"Being given the opportunity to study abroad in England and France not only expanded my knowledge of the material covered in class that semester, but it also opened my eyes to see the world as a much larger place than it appears from the comfort of my own home. To be immersed in a completely different culture, and for me a different language, made me feel appreciatively small. No longer is the known world I live in limited to just a small town in Virginia or Tennessee, but it is also the vast and urban streets of Paris and London, the intimate infrastructure of Bath and Rouen, and the picturesque landscapes of the Lake District. Most of all, our trip led me to take an interest in classes with similar subjects, and now, when I read a poem by Wordsworth or have a discussion about Romantic thinkers, I can proudly say that I've seen the places that inspired these authors and artists to create such masterpieces. I strongly look forward to another trip to Europe and I have made a list of other places in the world I want to visit - all because of my memorable study abroad experience at Averett."

Erica Sturkie, English major

“I'm so happy that I've gotten the opportunity to come to Ireland. I still get to keep up with my studies while getting a firsthand, indepth experience of the culture and I'm enjoying traveling around Ireland and the rest of Europe on weekends and during breaks. Coming here was one of the best decisions I've ever made!” 

Justine Cherochak, University of Limerick, BSA Accounting, Spring ‘11

Justine in Ireland
AU accounting major Justine Cherochak shares her experience and photos at the University of Limerick.

“The experience has changed my views.  Meeting different people from different countries gave me an understanding of what they think.  I’ve challenged their stereotypes of Americans while they have challenged my stereotypes of other cultures.” 

Krystal Willis, University of Dundee. BS Biology Fall ’09

“The Holy Land was an amazing experience. I have grown up reading these stories and to actually see the sites of where they occurred was amazing. Just walking through the streets of old Jerusalem and the Cairo museum was rewarding. There is so much history in these two cities that most of us don't get to experience. History as we know it began here, and I would love to go back and continue to discover and learn things I've only ever imagined.”  

Kristen Koger,  BA Religion, Spring '09

“Dundee was a really good experience; I am so happy that I went. I made some great friends and got to see a lot of interesting places.”  

Kathryn Bongarzone, BS Environmental Sciences, Spring ’11

“From studying abroad I have had so many more opportunities than I could have possibly imagined. Studying abroad allows you to meet and learn from people from other cultures and backgrounds along with visiting new places firsthand. It also allows you to experience higher levels of independence in both your studies and lifestyle, which enhances the learning experience.”  

Meredith Schwane, BA History and Political Science, Spring ’09, on continuing her graduate studies at University of Nottingham, England

“I found the program at Dundee through a web search for MSc Anatomy programs.  I thought it would be the experience of a lifetime to spend a year abroad, so I chose to apply.  The more I looked into the university and at all it offered, the more I loved it.  When I gained acceptance it took all of five minutes to decide it is where I want to be.  There are so many perks to attending Dundee - the program is only a year, there are endless travel opportunities, the classes all seem interesting, and everyone I have spoken with is wonderful and helpful!  I cannot wait to continue my education at U of D!”

Steph Smith, BS BioMed, Spring ’10, on selecting University of Dundee for graduate studies

“My time here so far has been the best experience of my life. I have seen so many captivating things, that I would never have dream't of. The city itself is located in the western part of Spain, and is home to the Universidad de Salamanca the oldest university in Espana. I would say that a quarter of the population are students, which makes the city very student friendly and accommodating. The family I'm staying with couldn't be more welcoming and warming. They have showed me around the city and have taking me to so many exiting events. From bull fights, which was very intense nothing like what you see on television, to local soccer games. I love the Spanish culture and their tranquil way of life.”

Joel Simpson, BS Aeronautics, May 2011, Salamanca, Spain.

Vienna was an eye-opening experience and in the short amount of time I spent there I started to evaluate what I thought I knew about the rest of the world. Studying abroad has been one of the most enjoyable and memorable "firsts" in my life and I can guarantee that this trip to Vienna will not be my only experience. I have fallen in love with the world and I want to see it all.

Spencer Bennington, BA English, 2013



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