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B.S. Physical Education: Sport Management

The Physical Education: Sport Management major is designed for those students interested in management positions in businesses such as collegiate or professional athletics, sporting goods sales, fitness and conditioning centers in the private and corporate sectors, and facility management. 

Students are required to complete a Senior Exit Project.  This project will be completed during the senior year. 

All students pursuing Physical Education Majors must satisfy the General Education science requirements by taking Biology 101 and either Biology 204 or 205 (Biology courses are not available through distance learning and must be transferred in from another regionally accredited college/university or taken on campus). 

Students must attain at least a 2.00 grade point average in the major in order to graduate. 

Requirements for a Major in Physical Education: Sport Management (IDEAL Program)
In addition to the general education and elective requirements, the following courses are required:

  • BIO101, Introduction to Biology and Lab (not available through distance learning)
  • BIO204, 205, Human Anatomy and Physiology and Lab I, II (not available through distance learning)
  • BSA206, Business Communication
  • BSA221, Principles of Accounting I
  • BSA222, Principles of Accounting II
  • BSA305, Principles of Management
  • BSA310, Principles of Marketing
  • BSA352, Sales Management
  • CSS113, Microcomputers and Application Software
  • HTH 200, First Aid and Safety
  • PE203, Introduction to Physical Education
  • PE207, Introduction to Sport Management
  • PE365, Sport Psychology
  • PE416, Issues in the Admini`stration of Physical Education and sports
  • PE432, Sport Law
  • PE466, Internship
  • Physical Education Activity Courses (4 different courses)
  • TH103, Introduction to Human Communication or TH300, Public Speaking

Check the catalog for requirements

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