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Requirements for Averett

A student who attends another college and then seeks readmission to Averett must reapply through the Admissions Office or online.  An official record of all college-level work taken since leaving Averett should accompany this request for readmission.  Transfer credit is applied toward an Averett degree based on regular transfer policies.

A student seeking readmission after being on academic or social suspension for one semester must submit a written request for readmission to the Academic Policies Council.  The letter should be sent to the Vice President for Academic Affairs at least six weeks prior to the beginning of the term for which the student is seeking readmission.  Coursework taken at another college while on suspension from Averett is not accepted for transfer.

A student who has been placed on academic suspension and who is readmitted is readmitted under conditions of extended probation.  Also, any student who was on academic warning or probation at the time of withdrawal from the University and who is subsequently readmitted will be readmitted with the same status which was in effect at the time of withdrawal.

Traditional Student Questions? Contact your counselor, 1-800-AVERETT, ext. 15666

Graduate & Professional Student Questions? Contact your counselor, 1-855-490-7736 (toll free) or CLICK HERE



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