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Averett University Alumni and Community Awards

Averett Alumni have done and are doing great things. Averett has several awards that alumni can be nominated for. If you know of an alumnus that deserves an award either for their service to Averett or their outstanding contributions in the community, please nominate them!

The awards and their requirements are:

Mary Jo Davis Outstanding Alumnus Award -is a service award that is presented to an alumnus who has made significant contributions to Averett in the way that Mary Jo Davis did. Mary Jo Davis, '55 worked in admissions, served as alumni director, dean of students, and worked in the development office. In addition to her work with Averett, Mary Jo was very active in the greater community. Mary Jo served Averett as a student, volunteer and dedicated employee for more than 50 years.

Outstanding Alumnus Award - recognizes those who have demonstrated outstanding service or accomplishment in their professional lives or as humanitarians and they have demonstrated commitment, integrity and successs in their chosen endeavors.

Recent Alumnus Award - a recognition for alumni who have graduated in the last 10 years and have demonstrated integrity and success in their professional or humanitarian endeavors.

Frank Campbell Outstanding Achievement Award - honors alumni who graduated in the last 10 years for their service to Averett. They must have demonstrated an active and continuing interest in Averett as well as demonstrating integrity in their chosen endeavors.

Cougar Club Hall of Fame - presented to alumni who distinguished themselves as an outstanding athlete on an Averett athletic team. The recipient should also have demonstrated commitment and success in their chosen endeavors. This award is voted on by members of the Cougar Club.

The Distinguished Friend Award - to honor friends of Averett who have rendered unusual and unselfish service to the University, students, faculty and alumni. Recipients cannot be an alumnus and must have provided significant service in support of the university.

Honorary Alumnus - The Alumni Board can nominate people who have made such a contribution to Averett that they should be recognized as a permanent member of the Alumni Association despite having earned their degree at a different school.

Recipients of awards must:

1. Not be current faculty, staff or Alumni Board member.

2. For alumni awards - recipient must have attended Averett for one year or two semesters.

3. Make every attempt to attend the awards ceremony to accept the award.

4. Be approved by 2/3 of Alumni board

To nominate an alumnus for an award, please send a nomination to the Alumni Office including their name, time they attended Averett, and a statement indicating why the candidate is deserving of the nomination. It will be helpful if you include how they match the spirit of the award.

Please also include your name and contact information.


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