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About the Campaign


These Bold Initiatives are at the Heart of Averett University's Vision.

Transform Lives: Supporting Life-Changing Scholarships for Students
At Averett University our highest ambition is to help families and students achieve their dreams of higher education. Whether it is for first-generation students, professionals seeking knowledge to advance their career or business, or students whose extraordinary merit and talent are poised to transform their world, we seek to offer competitive scholarships that make the Averett experience possible for all who dream big.

Imagine the Future: Leveraging State-of-the-Art Learning Technologies
Averett University is implementing new classrooms and learning technologies to support academic discovery. These state-of-the-art classrooms complement the tradition of interpersonal learning and mentoring that have been the hallmark of the Averett experience since 1859. Your support benefits our campuses in Danville and across the Commonwealth. Our objectives include:
• Equipping "Classrooms of the Future" with state-of-the-art interactive technology that prepares students and enables us to expand our online offerings.
• Providing faculty development and ensuring the success of our students in the connected world of the future.

Support Excellence: Expanding Signature Academic Programs
Building on Averett's foundation of exemplary academic programs, we seek to prepare out students to respond to the pressing needs of their communities and their world. Averett graduates are poised to lead and sustain the business, educational and health care vitality of the region. Our pledge is to ensure that the quality of living and opportunities we value remain for future generations to enjoy.

Foster Beliefs: Discovering Education Beyond the Classroom
Preparing effective leaders for the global environment requires moving beyond the conventional classroom. Expanding Averett's character-defining, real-world learning experience prepares student leaders and puts our mission into action.
The real-world classroom experience will be a hallmark of an Averett education. All Averett students will actively learn through community service projects, interning at local businesses, volunteering with schools or non-profits, studying abroad, and conducting undergraduate research on topics that improve our region.

Go Farther: Enriching the Vitality of Our Communities
Averett is a cultural and education resource to communities across Virginia. Through the arts, humanities and athletics, we seek to enrich life for individuals of all ages.

Sustaining Our Legacy: Building on a Tradition of Generosity
Our vision for Averett University begins by engaging friends, old and new, to share in our legacy and bold future. Every generation passes its knowledge to the next. That is our shared responsibility and challence. Creating opportunities and sustaining Averett's high-quality interactive learning experiences are at the heart of our vision.

Funding is the hard currency of the opportunities we provide to tomorrow's leaders. You can support Averett through annual giving, Averett Social membership, endowments and planned giving. Selected capital projects will sustain and expand the campus and athletics facilities.