To dream big.

To act boldly.

Are you hesitant to support the Big Dreams Bold Futures Campaign at Averett because you feel a gift of $60 or $100 doesn’t have enough impact? Averett alumnus Rick Roccesano wants to change that misconception and has created the “Show Vesa Some Love Challenge” to support Averett’s Vesa Hiltunen Tennis Complex campaign.
Rick is challenging 100 alumni, faculty, staff, and friends to make a contribution of any amount towards the Vesa Hiltunen Tennis Complex during the month of February. If this goal is reached, Rick will make a $25,000 contribution to support the $1.5 million project.

Every gift from every donor has always been important. Last year nearly 900 donors made gifts to the university. Collectively, these gifts provided just under $5 million of support to improve the lives of our students.  

As its first donor, Rick Roccesano will serve as the Challenge’s spokesperson by asking the Averett Community to “Leave a legacy!”

“Vesa has played an important role in so many of our students’ lives,” Roccesano said. “He certainly has in mine! I’d like to help him enjoy our appreciation while he is still ‘strong like bull.’ Vesa knows we are working on this and I’d hate to let him down. I know there is a lot of love out there for the impact he has had on various members of the Averett Family. It is time to step up and Show Vesa Some Love and honor him, while leaving a legacy of our own. His, and our, time is now!”

Alumni, students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to make their gift and share the Show Vesa Some Love Challenge with others. To participate in the Show Vesa Some Love Challenge, click on the Donate Now button above.

Our Time Is Now…to honor Vesa and leave a legacy at Averett University.



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Grateful Students
  • Paul Porter, Class of '14

    "My scholarships have provided me with the opportunity to be a first generation college student. Without these scholarships I would not have been able to accomplish any of the dreams that I have realized in my time as a Cougar, such as double majoring in accounting and business management while being a four year member of the men’s basketball team."


  • Callie Burnette, Class of '13

    "The scholarships have helped tremendously. I have a younger sibling who is also attending college, so my scholarships have really helped lessen the financial load on my parents and me. I'm so thankful to the donors of my scholarships because they've allowed young people like me to get an excellent education and to pursue the career of our choice."


  • Brentt Simmons, Class of '13

    "Since I came to Averett, my love and passion for music have grown, and I have become a better musician. I have gained knowledge and skills that I will need in my music career. The scholarships I have received have helped me tremendously. Without the generosity of my scholarship donors, paying for tuition would have been very difficult. I'm very grateful to the donors and appreciate their generosity. It means a lot to me that someone was willing to invest in me and believe in me."


  • Shane Brogden, Class of '14

    "The scholarships I receive thanks to Averett's generous donors make college affordable for my family and me. Without these funds, I would be forced to find employment to support my education and not have as much time to study and focus on my schoolwork. I have learned that Averett truly cares about their students and will do anything to help us get our education. I am thankful for every donor who has given and allows me to a part of this exceptional educational experience."