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Hotdog Eating Contest
Okay, it's not really a hotdog eating contest, but there will be lots of hotdogs. The admissions office is hosting a "Thank You Hotdog Cookout" to thank faculty and staff for their help in the recruiting efforts on Aug. 13 from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. RSVPs should be made to Angie Bowers at ext. 15669 or abowers@averett.edu by Aug. 9.

Show and Tell
The university will hold its annual neighborhood meeting at 5 p.m. Aug. 10 in Jut's Café. This meeting lets our neighbors know when students will start moving back as well as highlights some of the events going during the year.

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Coffee Break is a newsletter distributed to Averett faculty and staff to keep them up to date on campus activities and information.

Please send information you would like included in Coffee Break, via e-mail to ecropp@averett.edu by Wednesday, Aug. 4 for a Aug. 11 publication.


Prospective Students to Visit During Private College Week
Every year in July Averett welcomes an estimated 50-55 prospective students during Private College Week, which is July 26-31 this year.
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Sign-up for Summer Sports Camps
Are your kids bored and driving you crazy? Do they want to play on the next World Cup team? Sign them up for one of the sports camps that Averett is offering now through August.
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MBA Strategic Management Class Visits Sikorsky
Some students in the MBA program recently visited Sikorsky Support Services, Inc. where they saw and learned about the presidential helicopter squadron.
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Denise Garrett joins us on the Adult Professional side of the family as the new assistant admissions coordinator.



Randy King is the university's new director of marketing and communications.


Lesley Villarose hit the ground running when she joined Averett as the new director of student activities right before the university's June orientation.

Make sure you welcome Denise, Randy and Lesley as you see them around campus (and point them in the right direction if they get lost in Main Hall).


Hobnobbing with the Governor
Susan Rowland, director of the IDEAL Program, and LeeAnn Mahan, corporate education liaison for the Adult Professional Program, met Governor Bob McDonnellat the Franklin County Business Expo on June 16. The governor was talking with area business representatives following his speech on opportunities for Southside and southwest Virginia.


Jones Featured Presenter at Conference
Dr. Stuart Jones, vice president for enrollment management, is a featured presenter at the National Small College Enrollment Conference in Orlando, Fla. July 12-14. Jones' workshop will focus on early identification and intervention of at-risk students. Coincidentally, it was at last year's conference that he met Dr. Franks for the first time.

Adjunct Professor Recognized for Achievements
Dr. George Parker, III is principal at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach. The high school was recently one of three exceptional high schools to receive a 2010 College Board Inspiration Award. The award provides the winners with $25,000 to put toward improving academic environments and helping underserved students achieve equitable access to higher education. Parker recently joined Averett as an adjunct professor for the MEd program. Congratulations, George!

How do You Move a 300-Pound Turtle?
Ever wondered how to move a 300-pound turtle? If you have, just ask adjunct instructor Paul Gerdes, who teaches ethics in the Adult Professional Program, how it's done. Paul recently helped transport a 300-pound loggerhead turtle from Virginia to Texas. To read about Paul's exploits visit The Daily Press.


Alumnus Takes a Risk Career Risk
Kenneth Bain, '93, explored many different paths before taking the one less traveled. He has recently started Mobile Cinema Park, which provides educational cinema opportunities for children.
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Over the past few years I have been analyzing our health insurance costs to find ways to provide you-the employee-with better benefits for the same amount of money. For the last two years, the university was able to negotiate increases at an amount that Averett could absorb without passing the increases along to employees. This action allowed us to continue providing the same level of benefits to those employees covered by the university's health care plan.

In early March, at the request of the Leadership team, a Benefits Committee was formed to review all employee benefits on a regular basis. The first task of this committee was to review health insurance benefits because the Anthem premium increase for 2010-11 could not be absorbed by the university, even after a lower premium increase was negotiated. Our health insurance premiums with Anthem are expected to continually increase annually and there could be a possible decrease in benefits at the same time.

  • One of the most important goals for Averett University is to provide the best benefits possible for all employees. To do this, the Benefits Committee is looking at a partial self-funding insurance plan that Averett will own. A "plan administrator" would administer the plan for us. The committee's goal is to save employees money while still providing the best quality network, services and care.

  • In early May, the Benefits Committee held a town hall meeting to share information about partial self-funding with the rest of the Averett community. In an effort to continue sharing information about partial self-funding and potential plan administrators we will provide brief weekly e-mails about this type of insurance coverage and answer any questions people may have.

  • Please send any questions or concerns you may have about partial self-funding to BENEFITS@averett.edu.

  • Watch for the coming features:
    • Weekly e-mails
    • Town Hall Meetings

    Peggy Wright and the Benefits Committee


Sports Arts Activities
June 28-July 23, DCC Upward Bound Trio

July 16-17, New Student Orientation

Aug. 7, RA's Return to Campus

Aug. 10, 5 p.m., Community Meeting (Jut's Café)

Aug. 11, Football Move in