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MBA Strategic Management Class Visits Sikorsky

Thanks to an alumnus, who is also a current student in the MBA program, students in Dr. Gene Steadman's strategic management class had the opportunity to visit Sikorsky Support Services, Inc. at Quantico in May. Adam O'Black, '07, works for Sikorsky Aircraft and was able to arrange for the class to visit the flightline.

During their visit, students learned about the functional and business level strategies for the company from Bryant Dalton who is the acting Sikorsky site manager at Quantico. They also learned about the company's current business strategy, which is to maintain a strong relationship with the presidential helicopter mission by providing superior 'quality' and continued reliability.

"The management from Sikorsky and the duty officer from HMX-1 (an active duty Marine Corps Captain) were gracious hosts," O'Black said. "They provided us with over three hours of insight to the mission of the presidential helicopter squadron and the synergy that exists between the Marines and Sikorsky. It was a great experience for all!"

Sikorsky has been transporting the President of the United States since President Eisenhower. It also provides VIP services to several civilian corporations as well as to heads of state overseas, including the 2007 delivery of three VIP configured helicopters for the Korean president.

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