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Alumnus Takes a Risk Career Risk

By Sarah Rubenoff, '10

Kenneth Bain, '93, was never happy with the "average" existence. "I always wanted to be extremely successful and wealthy like Bill Gates and those of that nature, but I knew the only way to do this was to introduce a completely new and exciting product to the masses," Bain said.

Today, Bain is on his way to accomplishing his entrepreneurial dreams through his latest project, Mobile Cinema Park, but he explored many different paths and fields to get to where he is today.

In 1993, after graduating from Averett with a concentration in pre-law, Bain decided that the lawyer's path was not the one for him. "I had become a pre-law major because it pointed towards a bright future, not because I loved it," Bain said.

He then decided to attend The North Carolina Agricultural and Technical Institute to earn a degree in construction management and safety. "My father worked in construction in the Bahamas, and it was always a love of mine," Bain said. After graduation, he worked for Holder Construction Company as a project manager. After seven years, Bain became restless and began his own construction company, which prospered for another seven years and specialized in building high-end custom homes.

"Being the ambitious person I am, I was constantly wondering what the next ‘big thing' was," Bain said. Although Bain loved construction, the next possible "product to introduce to the masses" was still drawing his interest and attention.

After going to see Spider Man at an IMAX theater, a friend asked Bain about the experience. "I enjoyed the film, but I kept thinking there could be something more," Bain said. Motion Chairs became the topic of discussion between Bain and a colleague.

"They could really add something to the movie going experience," Bain said. After extensive research, Bain found a company in Israel called The Simona Company, which specialized in selling motion chairs. After discovering the company, Bain called a representative from Simona, Assi Yardeni. Yardeni extended an invitation to Bain and he was on a plane heading to Israel soon after that.

"This was one of the crossroads in life when successful people decide whether or not to take a risk; I took that risk," Bain said.

Bain stayed in Israel for a week, sightseeing and discussing the business with Yardeni. Yardeni told Bain that he needed to speak with his uncle, Ori Yardeni. Yardeni's uncle was the man and brains behind Cinema Park Network.

Cinema Park Network, a cinema company dedicated to providing educational cinema opportunities for children, instantly caught Bain's attention. Cinema Park Network specializes in a six part cinema experience that includes, 3-D theaters, inspirational theaters, interactive theaters, music theaters, motion theaters, and darkness theaters, which are meant to jog the imagination of the viewers. These cinema parks are open from 9-2, when most theaters are closed, and they are open to schools for field trips. At the time of Bain and Yardeni's conversation, Cinema Park Network had yet not put down roots in the Unites States.

"I had been waiting to find the right person to introduce Cinema Park Network to the United States," Yardeni said. Offered the opportunity, Bain jumped on it and began his journey with Mobile Cinema Park; a mobile branch of Cinema Park Network.

"My wife Tamika has a background in education, and along with my passion for business, it is a very good combination, Mobile Cinema Park gave us something we both could love," Bain said.

Mobile Cinema Park packs the six aspects of the Cinema Park Network experience into a truck and takes them to schools to set up for viewing. This makes the whole experience transportable and much more accessible to the public and school systems.

Cinema programs such as, "Planet Home" and "Keep It Wild" explore the meaning of environmental preservation, the wonder of the wild, and ways to help save endangered species. These are issues that the next generation need to learn about, and Mobile Cinema Park provides a fun way to keep children informed.

"Mobile Cinema Park stimulates the way children and adults learn today, which is fast paced," said Bain. The virtual experience provides another way for children to learn valuable information outside the classroom; it makes textbook information real to them. From animal shows, to science masterpieces, Mobile Cinema Park brings classroom information to life. "The six different aspects of Mobile Cinema Park do not allow the viewers to get bored because they are constantly moving on to another experience," Bain said.

Bain started Mobile Cinema Park, based out of Greensboro, N.C., more than a year and a half ago. "We have gotten the word out and the momentum is growing. People are starting to embrace the idea more and more," said Bain.

Bain started the first home office of Cinema Park Network in America; consequently, every future branch will have to go through his office in Greensboro. "Our hope is that one day there will be a Mobile Cinema Park unit in every school district across the United States, teaching students in a motivational way," Bain said.

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