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Global Traveler to Tell her Tale

One of the nice things about traveling to other countries is learning about the country, the culture and the cuisine. Justine Cherochak, '12, not only had the opportunity to travel to another country during the spring semester, she actually got to study there. Cherochak, who attended the University of Limerick, will give a presentation about her semester in Ireland entitled "Education Without Boundaries: Studying Abroad" at 11:20 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 28 in Blount Chapel.

"I wanted to study abroad because I have always loved traveling and new experiences," Cherochak said. "I live in Danville as well, so I wanted an opportunity to see what it was like to live and go to school in an area away from home.

"I researched several countries and schools and decided to choose the University of Limerick in Ireland because I liked what I saw. The culture, the people and their music were the main reasons for going to Ireland. I was also more comfortable and confident about choosing this country because everyone speaks English.

"I liked the University of Limerick the most out of the schools that I looked at in Ireland because the city in which it is located seemed more "Irish" than some of the other cities that I considered, plus I liked the university campus a lot."

During her presentation, Cherochak will share her experiences concerning her class schedule, housing arrangements, the University of Limerick's campus, her international roommates and Irish culture.

"Traveling around Ireland and Europe and making new friends from around the globe were my favorite things. It was neat seeing places and things that I have only read about or seen on the television before. I have also kept in touch with many of the friends that I made while overseas and have even been to visit some of them already." Cherochak visited many cities and sites in Ireland and Northern Ireland. She also traveled to England, France, Spain, Portugal, Finland and Estonia.

"The class and course structures are very different. At the University of Limerick, students pick their majors early on and take their courses in sequence. The class days, times, buildings and room numbers also change during the week, making it hard to remember my schedule. At Averett, students are allowed to take whatever classes that they like, and the schedule is simpler." Cherochak is pursuing a degree in accounting and a minor in English.

The University of Limerick, where Cherochak studied, was established in 1972 as the National Institute for Higher Education and classified as the University of Limerick in 1989. More than 11,300 students attend the university, which offers a range of degree programs up to doctoral and postdoctoral levels in the disciplines of art, humanities and social sciences, business, education and health sciences, science and engineering.

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