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Averett Rolls Out New Initiative

The Averett Society is a new initiative aimed at increasing annual dollars for the Averett Fund as well as increasing the number of people who give at the $1,000 level. The Society recognizes a community of loyal alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of the University who make contributions totaling $1,000 or more annually (July 1 - June 30). Every donor who gives $1,000 or more, as well as those who have given $100,000 over their lifetime, will become a member of the Averett Society.

"The introduction of the Averett Society is the first of several new great opportunities for Averett," said Joey Wilkerson, director of annual giving programs. "It represents a change in the way we think about advancement and fundraising for the University. This new program will help us increase annual giving and unrestricted giving to the institution, ultimately providing us with more funding that is immediately available to us."

Annual giving funds our "dreams" as a University and the "dreams" of our students now, not two years from now or five or ten years from now. The goal of the Society is to create a greater awareness of how doable it is to give at this level and the impact these gifts make.

Member of the Society members will be recognized in many ways. They will have special perks at events as well as events geared toward them in an to recognize and thank them for their contributions throughout the year.

For more information about the Averett Society and becoming a member contact Joey Wilkerson at ext. 17112 or at mwilkers@averett.edu.

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