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Faculty/Staff Campaign Kicks Off

Giving to the University is very important and it's important for everyone to give. For the first time in several years the University is reviving its faculty/staff giving campaign. Last year, faculty and staff raised more than $66,000 for the University - that's only 28 percent of those who are employed at Averett.

"The goal of the campaign this year is to not only grow the total number of dollars raised, but to grow our participation numbers," said Joey Wilkerson, director of the annual giving programs. "All gifts, no matter the size, make an impact.

"One of the reasons it's important for faculty and staff to give to the University is because faculty and staff giving rates are reported to outside donors and organizations when we are looking for grant funding. They see this number as confidence in the institution and look highly on reinvestment from the employees of the University."

The goal of this year's campaign is to raise funding to the Averett Fund, which is the unrestricted gifts for the University.

There are some great prizes that participants will be entered in a drawing for as well as prizes for the department with the highest participation.

So far this fiscal year, participation from all departments is as follows:

Academic Programs (Academic Support, VP?s Office, IDEAL) - 10%
Admissions - 9%
Advancement (Alumni, Development, Marketing) - 30%
The Arts (Arts program faculty) - 44%
Athletics - 19%
Aviation and Equestrian Programs - 0
Business Faculty - 14%
Business and Administration (Business Office, HR, Intuitional Research) - 10%
Education Department - 33%
The Languages (English and Foreign Language Departments) - 25%
Financial Aid - 0
Adult Professional Staff from Across the State - 0
Adult Professional Staff from Danville - 0
Adult Professional Faculty - 16%
IT - 0
Library - 22%
Physical Education - 20%
Registrar?s Office - 17%
Science, Technology, and Math Departments - 55%
The Social Sciences (Psychology, Sociology, History, Religion) - 18%
Student Life - 10%

For more information about the faculty/staff campaign contact Joey Wilkerson at ext. 17112 or mwilkers@averett.edu.

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