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Artist's Work Very Personal

An ultra realist, Heather Reynolds, '11, likes to draw things as they are - whether that is nature, animals or the human form. Reynolds is showcasing her art work for the month of November in Jut's Café.

"When someone visits my show I hope that they will see a glimpse of who I am," Reynolds said. "My work is usually very personal and holds some form of emotional connection with me or the person I have created the piece for."

Reynolds is commissioned to do a lot of work, and some of the pieces in her show are ones she has done for other people. The medium she works with the most is graphite and colored pencil, but she has discovered a new love in graphic printing.

"I enjoy working with pencil and graphics because of the value that I am able to achieve when using these methods. Very rarely will I work with a lot of color, I like to sneak in splashes here and there to bring a different focus to the subject matter or to highlight an important feature.

"I am currently working on a series of graphic prints that is focused on the Afghanistan and Iraqi War and part of the proceeds will be given to the Wounded Warrior Project. I have many friends that have been affected by this war and I did this series in their honor.

"Working with this subject matter has brought about a lot of passion in my work and I believe that they adequately display the emotion that I feel. I hope that when someone views them, whether they have or haven't been affected by the war, that they will still understand their meaning and be moved by their intensity."

After she graduates in fall 2011, Reynolds plans to join the Air Force.

Some of Reynolds' work on display is for sale, but if a viewer is looking for something specific she encourages people to contact her for a commission. The price of a commissioned work varies according to size, subject matter and time.

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