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Faculty and Staff Campaign Updates

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the faculty and staff giving campaign. One week in we have more than doubled the total dollars contributed each month through payroll deduction and have increased total participation from 16 percent to more than 25 percent. Thank you and congratulations!

This past week two offices reached 100 percent - the IDEAL Program and the President's Office - Congrats!

In our competition between departments/areas...the numbers are as follows:

Academic Programs: 30%
(VPAA Office, IDEAL, Student Support)

Admissions: 9%

Advancement: 78%

The Arts: 44%
(Art, Music, Theatre)

Athletics: 24%

Aviation and Equestrian: 0%

Business Faculty: 14%

Business and Admin Offices: 20%

Education Department: 50%

The Languages: 50%
(English and Foreign Languages)

Financial Aid: 25%

Adult Professional Across the State: 0%

Adult Professional Danville: 0%

Adult Professional Faculty: 37%

IT: 0%

Library: 22%

Physical Education: 20%

Registrar: 28%

Science/Technology/Math: 55%

Social Sciences: 18%

Student Life: 27%

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