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Faculty and Staff Campaign Concludes

Thank you to all who have participated in the 2010 Faculty and Staff Averett Society and Averett Fund Campaign! We truly have much to be thankful for during this holiday season - including the generous support that our faculty and staff have provided during this campaign.

We end the Faculty and Staff Campaign with more than 40 percent of our faculty and staff participating in charitable giving to the University - that is a 42 percent increase from last year! In addition, we have more than doubled the amount received each month through payroll deduction.

Each and every gift to the faculty and staff campaign has an incredible impact on the campus community. Our growing participation sends a message to major donors and organizations funding grants to the University. In addition, all gifts, regardless of size, provide valuable financial resources for the University. While we are able to do so much with major gifts, smaller annual gifts of $25, $50, and $100 provide funds for meals for athletic teams traveling, programming money in our residence halls, supplies for theatre department costumes, tutoring in the Galesi Student Success Center and so much more. These gifts combined help make up the more than $3 million in private gifts the University receives each year.

Even though we are ending the active portion of this giving campaign, we welcome any new gifts from our faculty and staff. Your participation will continue to help us grow our numbers throughout the entire year. We will periodically update the status of faculty and staff giving throughout the spring semester.

A special congratulations to those offices that reached 100 percent participation:
The President's Office
Human Resources

Our final participation rates for the departments and competition groups were:

Academic Programs--30 percent
VP for Academic Affairs Office
Student Success
Admissions--18 percent
Advancement--93 percent
The Arts--44 percent
Art Department
Theatre Department
Music Department
Athletics--24 percent
Aviation/ES--11 percent
Business Faculty--17 percent
Business and Admin Departments--70 percent
Business Office
Human Resources
Institutional Research
Education Faculty--50 percent
English and Foreign Languages--50 percent
Financial Aid--62.5 percent
Adult Professional Administration--57 percent
Adult Professional Faculty--56 percent
IT--14 percent
Library--22 percent
Physical Education--20 percent
Registrar--29 percent
Science/Technology/Math Faculty--67 percent
Social Sciences--18 percent
Student Life--36 percent

Thank you to all of our faculty and staff who have made charitable gifts this fall!

Gail Allen
Steve Ausband
Kenneth Bond
Pat Bowman
Richard Breen
Marion Breen
*Lyle Cady
*Kendall Carter
Becky Clark
Nancy Clark
Emily Cropp
Janine Davis
Elaine Day
Deb DeMarey
Faye Dix
Mike Dunlevy
Tim Dunlevy
Don Ethington
*Sam Ferguson
*Debbie Flinn
*Jackie Finney
JoAnne Francisco
*Tiffany Franks
Denise Garrett
Diane Gosney
Donna Gourley
*Charles Harris
Dan Hayes
Betty Heard
David Hoffman
Rose Holly
Jennifer Hooper
Susan Huckstep
Tonja Hudson
Bonnie Humphries
Debbie Hyler
Marty Jackson
*Stuart Jones
*Terri Jones
Joan Kahwajy-Anderson
Nick Kalafatis
Barb Kushubar
Chung Kwon
Bill Lawrence
Linda Lemery
Steve Lemery
Anne Lewis
Sherry McDowell
*Laura Meder
Dana Mehalko
*Danny Miller
Tiffany Mitchell
Betty Anne Moriarty
Carter Neal
Joel Nester
Susan Newcomb
Jodi Pettazzoni
Sherry Phelps
*Buddy Rawley
Pam Riedel
*Janet Roberson
Sue Rogers
Susan Rowland
Marietta Sanford
Donna Schweiger
Bob Sims
*Gene Steadman
Pam Taylor
John Termini
Randy Thornton
Lori Thurman
Bill Trimyer
Gary Tucker
*Kathie Tune
Karen Ward
Bren West
Linda Whitney
Joey Wilkerson
Travis Williams
Charlotte Wilson
Jane Wiseman
*Bill Woodward
Peggy Wright

* - Averett Society Members

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