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Faculty/Staff Campaign Wrap-up

The following is a list of those who have given since the last list was published in early December.

Amelia Brantley
Jim Caldwell
Petrina Carter
Ed Goodhines
Jay Hayes
Vince Kania
Diane Kendrick
Dan Nadel
Erma Neveu
Carly Pearce
Mary Vanderlinden
Lynn Wolf
Steve Wray

Congrats to the winners of the prize drawings during the faculty and staff campaign.
Bill Woodard - Bookstore Gift Card
Bren West - "Lunch for a Week" from Bon Appétit
Jackie Finney - "Lunch for a Week" from Bon Appétit
Charlotte Wilson - Bookstore Gift Card
Gene Steadman - Bookstore Gift Card
Laura Meder - "Lunch for a Month" from Bon Appétit

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