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Changes in the Business Offices

I am pleased to share the following organizational changes within the Business and Finance Office, aimed at better serving the Averett University community:

Human Resources - Faye Dix has joined Kathie Tune in human resources to facilitate customer service to faculty and staff regarding employee benefits and payroll management concerns.

Student Financial Services - Carl Bradsher has been named director of Student Financial Services, effective Feb. 1. In this role, Carl will lead this new department (created as a direct result of feedback and recommendations from the Sun Porch Sessions), which will manage student financial aid and student accounts. To facilitate customer service to Averett students and parents, Susan Newcomb and the student accounts staff will join Student Financial Services, and the department will be relocating to Main Hall during summer 2011.

Business Office - Lori Thurman, in her new role as senior accountant, will focus her energies and expertise on improving the University's accounting, budgeting and financial reporting processes. Mark Yates will be joining Averett as controller on Feb. 1, to manage the University's accounting practices and increased compliance requirements. Mark brings more than 20 years of accounting and management experience to this role.

The Business and Finance offices' goals are to facilitate customer service to the University community relating to business and financial matters, resulting in improved University-wide operational effectiveness, efficiencies and accountabilities. I believe these organizational changes will better align us with this goal. I welcome your feedback, and I ask you to join me in welcoming Mark to the Averett community.

Thom Davis
Vice President for Business and Finance & Chief Financial Officer

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