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Working With the Champs

Tyler Muench, a junior, came to Averett to play baseball and get a degree. He never expected to intern with a professional sports team, even though Dr. Lee Burton told him it was a possibility if he worked hard, did what was expected and stuck with the program.

"I didn't think for one second that I would ever get a chance like this through working in this program," Muench said. "This year Dr. Burton helped me gather a rsum and I sent them off to as many NFL teams as I could to get my name out there."

Burton works closely with a lot of the professional sports teams using the functional movement screen (FMS). However, because of the lock out for next season, some of the teams are not holding off season training. Muench was in luck though. The first team to respond was the Green Bay Packers.

"I could not pass up that offer. After all, they are the defending Super Bowl Champions. I will be working alongside the Packers' athletic training staff, helping with practices and games as well as rehabilitation of any and all players on the team.

"I look forward to the experience I will acquire from working with such an elite pro team. Of course I want to meet all the pros, but I really want to get the most out of this opportunity as I can. I have been working toward this goal and I'm just glad I was the one chosen to take on this challenge."

The plan, which of course depends on the lock out, is for Muench to depart in mid-May and stay until the start of the fall semester. He will live on the training grounds with the other athletic trainers.

"Averett's athletic training program has helped me greatly. It has taught me to look at the body as one smooth working machine and to not just focus on specific muscles. I feel confident that the knowledge I take with me from here will put me a step ahead of others who are looking to be in the same field."

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