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Hammer Time

Construction of Averett Central continues. The sounds of hammering, sawing, and sanding can be heard throughout Main Hall. Averett Central is designed for students to request, retrieve and receive a plethora of information as well as take care of various types of business.

"That's the sound of progress," says Dr. Stuart Jones. Jones, who will oversee the operation of Averett Central, took the opportunity to showcase the project during new student orientation last month.

"Parents and students are impressed with the concept and pleased that Averett continues to put students first," said Jones.

Completing construction is just part of the implementation of Averett Central. Training for those who will be the "face" of the operation begins in July. Robbie Hendrix and Rose Holly are Averett Central's official student services coordinators, while Jillian Gourley, Donna Benz, Andrew Boor and Katie Parker will fill in when Hendrix or Holly are out. Along with extensive training on financial aid, the registrar's office and student accounts, the group will learn about most of Averett's offices.

"Fall 2011 will be a banner semester," Jones said. "When students come back to campus this August, they will find a beautiful facility and a knowledgeable staff that can serve their needs."

Construction is slated to be completed by the second week of August.

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