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Shaping Young Futures

For eight years, Chante Johnson has worked hard educating and shaping the futures of the next generation. This year, she was recognized for her hard work when she was named Teacher of the Year at J.B. Fisher Elementary School in Richmond. Johnson's first two years of teaching were in China, but since then she has taught at Fisher where she has taught third grade. This year she will be teaching the fourth grade.

"I chose the Averett program because it was convenient," said Johnson, who will finish in January. "Classes on Friday evenings and all day Saturdays were not bad for the eighteen month study. I also chose it because it was more personable than online classes. I am a face-to-face learner, and I enjoy in class discussions rather than just online.

"Having a cohort to complete the program with was a plus as well. The cohort is a wonderful support system and has proven to be very beneficial with all of the study teams we work in. Lastly, the tuition is very affordable and being able to get financial aid was the icing on top of the cake for me.

"The time has really gone by fast, but the wealth of applicable knowledge has been wonderful. I really feel like I have gotten a well rounded graduate study and I use all that I have learned in my classroom."

The University regularly has alumni and graduate students recognized as Teacher of the Year. Locally, 40 percent of those recognized as Teacher of the Year are graduates.

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