Hello Averett University Health Plan Participants!

A Wellness and Health Screening Clinic is scheduled for Thursday, October 6, from 7-9 a.m. in the multipurpose room of the Student Center and Friday, October 7, from 7-9 a.m. at the Riverview Campus (512 Bridge St.). Please remember to register for your morning of choice and make sure to complete the assessment prior to your registration date and time.

Graduate and Professional Studies faculty and staff, please register for the early time slots on the Friday, Oct. 7 clinic in order to accommodate your meeting agenda.

Feel free to ask questions of Kathie Tune or the Gateway Health nurses as they will be the health administrators on site for the two dates. We welcome your input and your attendance.

A light breakfast will be available for all participants as well as a complimentary lunch ticket.

Sign up online

All full time employees, spouses and adult children (18-26) on Averett University's health plan are eligible to register for a health screening.

Bring your completed health risk assessment questionnaire, which will be supplied by HR once you have signed up, to the screening. A Gateway Health wellness nurse and staff member will measure your height, weight, BMI, take your blood pressure and collect blood samples for biometric screenings.

Please note that no one at Averett University will have access to your personal information at any time. This is a HIPAA compliant program and all personal information is kept strictly confidential. (This is not a drug screening.)

The program is provided to you at no cost by your health plan.

* Prior to arriving for your screening, do not eat or drink anything (except water or black coffee) at least eight hours before your screening time. You must be fasting in order to get accurate test results. You may take your prescription medication as required.

By participating, the true reward will be a healthier, happier you!