Faculty & Staff Campaign Update
Thank you to all who have participated in our annual faculty and staff giving campaign so far. We are now four weeks in and currently more than 35 percent of our faculty and staff have given during the campaign. Thank you to all who have participated and have encouraged others to do the same! Your gifts send a powerful message to other donors and your generosity inspires them to continue supporting Averett and our students.

Congratulations to those offices currently with 100 percent participation:
The President's Office

Congratulations to those offices that currently have more than 50 percent participation:
Education department
Fine arts departments
Adult Professional - SOVA
Institutional Advancement
Math/Computer Science departments

In addition, thank you to all of our graduates who have participated in the faculty and staff campaign. More than 40 percent of the graduates who are also employees of the University currently give to Averett.

Congratulations to our recent prize winners:
Lunch for a week - Ed Goodhines and Diane Kendrick
$25 gift card to the bookstore - Pat Bowman and Mary Condon

During November, we will be drawing for lunch for a month in the dining hall and additional gift cards to the bookstore.

If you have any questions about the faculty and staff giving campaign please contact me at 434-791-7112 or mwilkers@averett.edu.

Thank you,
Joey Wilkerson