As of Nov. 11, the HOPE project has distributed 29 boxes of food to the Averett community. Twenty-two boxes of food have been distributed to faculty/staff and 9 boxes of food have been distributed to Averett students.

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As of Nov. 6, the HOPE Project has distributed 20 boxes to the Averett University community. A total of 16 boxes went to faculty/staff and four boxes went to students.

Thank you for your generosity!

Averett University Staff Council

Averett's Gospel Ensemble visited Riverside Health and Rehabilitation Center on Saturday, Oct. 18. During their visit they performed several selections and helped Lady Astor celebrate her 102nd birthday.

Just a quick note to thank each of you for being so thoughtful while my family is battling my mother's illness with cancer. I cannot tell you how much it means to have a work family who really cares. Each email, card, hug and act of kindness really does encourage me. Until you have faced this dreaded disease you probably can't imagine all the emotions that go along with it, but knowing you have coworkers and friends praying and encouraging you does make it a lot easier. Thank you all again.

Tammy Wall, senior accountant

Tammy Wall, senior accountant in the business office, experienced complications from her recent surgery, but is now resting at home. Please remember to keep Tammy in your thoughts and prayers.