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Housing Selection Process

Returning students who wish to live on campus next year will take part in the housing selection process later this spring. Information regarding housing selection is posted around campus, and they should have already received cards with the dates for housing selection from their Resident Assistants (RAs). 

At least two weeks before selection they will receive packets from their RA, or they may pick one up from the Residence Life Office in Davenport Hall. Housing selection information sessions will be held so students can learn more about the process and have their questions answered. They should look for fliers or ask their RA about the dates, times, and locations of these meetings.

Our housing selection process is based on a point system.   Students accumulate points by the number of credit hours they have completed by the end of the fall semester.   They can also receive extra points for their grade point average (GPA). Points may also be deducted for policy violations.   Students planning to live together combine their points for a total that determines when they will sign up.

Each student is responsible for completing any necessary forms in the packet and turning it in on specified dates.   Residence Life will verify points, and once the date has passed that packets are due, students will be assigned a date and time to come through the selection process.

Students must pay a $100 housing deposit at the business office and bring the receipt to Residence Life to go through housing selection. If they are unable to attend the selection process they can have a proxy do it for them.   Students who can not find someone to serve as a proxy should contact Kaylin Braham Sturdifen, assistant director of residence life.

Averett University does have a residency requirement, so before students decide to live off campus they should be sure they've gone through the proper process and received approval. To review the policy visit the housing Web site.

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