(left to right) Leslie Pappoe, Ciearra Dalton and Courtney Martin are pictured with a customer at the Marathon gas station at Ballou Park. Pappoe, Dalton and Martin were just three of the Averett resident assistants (RAs) who participated in a random act of kindness day on Aug. 12. The RAs, who were divided into groups, had less than two hours to perform five random acts of kindness in the community.

September at Averett University is a season of new beginnings. This year we welcomed our second consecutive year of record new student enrollment in our traditional undergraduate program, as 345 new students began their Averett experience.   Eight new faculty members also joined the Averett family over the summer.   Returning students found our campuses improved and expanded, as we opened two new regional campuses in Richmond and Chesapeake, began hosting classes in the renovated Riverview Campus in Danville's Historic Tobacco Warehouse District, and repurposed part of historic Main Hall as the new home of Averett Central.   Averett Central, which aims to improve service for our students in key areas like the registrar's office and student financial services, is the real outcome of an idea first born in the earliest stages of our strategic planning several years ago.

The extra thrill and energy we're feeling at the start of our 153rd academic year was made possible by a very productive summer at Averett. We employed more than 140 workers on renovations and improvements.If you're in Danville, keep an eye out for our new Cougar Express shuttle bus, or drive by our campuses on West Main Street or Bridge Street to see what's new.

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